• Photo of a stack of grain-free pancakes

    Grain-Free Pancakes with Bananas and Chocolate Chips


    Total time20 minutes


    If you’ve ever gone through a season of over-indulgence, you’ll know it can be a hard habit to break. To go from big, decadent hot breakfasts to a bowl of cold yogurt and granola can be a bit…jarring. This grain-free pancakes recipe is a perfect way to ease into healthier eating. I have found that my body isn’t a huge fan of digesting gluten, so I really try to budget…

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  • Photo of a slice of breakfast casserole with a cup of tea

    Breakfast Surprise Casserole


    Total time1 hour


    Breakfast surprise is pure childhood nostalgia. Watching my Mom prepare the ingredients on Christmas Eve. Shoving my face full of it as fast as possible on Christmas morning. Racing to get through our plates so we could get back to the presents. But always, always…

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  • Photo of Einkorn Gingerbread Men on a tray with evergreen branches and Christmas linens

    Einkorn Gingerbread Men


    ServingsThis recipe makes a HEAP of cookies, you could easily half it for a small family.

    I didn’t grow up eating or baking gingerbread at the holidays. It just wasn’t part of our traditional baking lineup and so I never messed with it. Then a few years ago I stumbled upon an Einkorn gingerbread recipe by Shaye Elliott. I changed it…

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  • Photo of a tray of Einkorn Sugar Cookies in snowflake shapes with blue frosting and gold sprinkles on a transferware platter and christmas linens

    Einkorn Sugar Cookie


    Total time55 minutes

    ServingsMakes 24 cookies

    I’ve never EVER liked a single sugar cookie that didn’t come out of my mom’s kitchen. Her recipe is leaps and bounds above the rest in my opinion, so I never tried to reinvent the wheel. But when I began to pursue healthier baking options,…

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  • Photo of a loaf of poppy seed bread on a marble board with holiday decorations

    Aunt Bonnie’s Poppy Seed Bread



    My Aunt Bonnie might be the strongest and kindest person in the entire world. That’s not a combination you see too often, but she wears it extremely well. I always picture her laughing so hard she has to wipe the tears from her eyes. Her…

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