Hi! I'm Kali.

Oregon mama, farmer's wife and creator of Potager Online. Join me as we cook and garden the seasons!

In November 2020, I published my first book, Potager: From the Garden to the Kitchen. I put it together for my Mom’s 60th birthday, but once I was finished, I knew had to share it with the world. I spent one and a half years working on the book during my boys’ naptime, after bedtime and sometimes, late into the night. It was a true labor of love. And seeing hundreds of copies of my book shipped all over the world was beautiful and humbling.

After the book came out, I published Notebook Quarterly, a quarterly magazine focused on making the world a softer, simpler, more beautiful place. It was a beautiful project and I learned so much about myself and the creative process.

After that I felt called to take time away from the Internet and focus on living a beautiful life, not just posting about one. Time away was just what I need to realize that I really missed sharing about two specific things: cooking and gardening. Aside from spending time with my family, there’s nothing else I’d rather do than travel back and forth between my kitchen and my garden.

A Potager is a French word that means kitchen garden. A beautiful mess of fruits, vegetables and flowers intentionally weaved together to celebrate the bounty of the season. My Potager is a dance through those seasons, a back-and-forth between my garden and my kitchen, a love letter to the food and flowers that have gotten me here.”

Potager: From the Garden to the Kitchen

My hope for Potager Online is that it serves as a place for us to explore the relationship between the garden and kitchen. A place where we can celebrate the seasons and all they have to offer. Where we can share simple, delicious recipes and learn the many beautiful lessons the garden has for us. Won’t you come along?

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